About Us - Chiropractor

Hiya, my name's Harold Harris and its great to welcome you to my website. Believe it or not I am really a landscape gardener by trade but I got into designing and making websites around twelve years back. Quite an extreme transformation it might seem but I fell into it quite easily and these days it simply is "what I do". While from time to time I produce internet sites for enjoyment, I do in fact also try to earn a little bit of revenue from it (to pay for domain names, hosting etc). To be honest I find it a thrilling challenge, brainstorming strategies and applying them.

I wager that I'm not the only person to have gotten exasperated when surfing around sites to get repeated pop-up windows offering garbage I don't need and newsletters I will never look at, nonstop promotions and adverts stuffed in my face that has little to do with what I am interested in, and additionally having to sign in or sign up to do pretty much anything on many websites. I can guess you feel the same as me when the resulting spam emails start appearing in your inbox and you have no choice but to burn up your time every single day getting rid of that garbage?

My website isn't dynamic consequently stuff is not going to keep moving around or take a lot of time to load up. You will not be asked to logon or register and you will never receive any crappy email messages or newsletters. You'll most likely see some advertising here, it isn't stuffed down your throat. And you won't get pop-ups you simply can't get rid of.

It's continually been my intention to provide straightforward, simple sites that are fast to load and hassle free. I am hopeful that I have achieved this here and that you've enjoyed checking it out, or maybe at least not have been irked by it.

I am not a chiropractor myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with questions relating to chiropractic treatments or to book sessions, this site is made to tell you a little about what a chiropractor does and what to expect from the treatments.

I can't endorse or recommend any particular service, I've just suggested a few methods of identifying one, the choice is ultimately yours alone.

I hope to to see you here again some day soon and thanks once more for visiting.